Didn't start the fire

After the fiasco at the battlecages, the adventurers barged in on Jensen and demanded answers. He had none, and was genuinely worried for Kureen’s safety. He urged the heroes to hole up at their tavern and wait for more information. Card decided he’d had enough adventure, and caught the next boat home.

The next day, Fingers showed up to give the group food and little news. No one knew why the battlecages malfunctioned. He set off again, promising to return the next morning. The next morning came and went. Night fell, and Jensen arrived at the tavern to ask about Fingers. No one had seen him since he met with the group. Jensen asked the group to come and meet him at the mansion in the morning.

When the heroes got to the mayor’s mansion, they witnessed an argument between Jensen and Tristran. Jensen wouldn’t give him some information, and so he stomped out. Jensen then told the party that they knew that Fingers had been kidnapped, and where he was being held. He made them promise not to tell Tristran though. Jensen wasn’t sure what he would do with the information.

The adventurers arrived at the warehouse where Fingers was being held. There were some guards out front, but they were taken out before they could even shout. Kureen looked in a window and saw the dwarf from the Captain’s gang, crossbow in hand. Tipa and Alex then barred the front door and the group went around to the back.

Alex knocked and then kicked in the door, taking out the Captain’s lackey Transporter-style. The mage from the gang was standing near the door, and the party started beating on her pretty bad. As Tipa moved in further, she saw Fingers tied to a chair in the middle of the room. Alex distracted the Captain, while K’ehleyr and Kureen beat on the mage and barbarian. At this point, two of the Captain’s mooks snuck upstairs. The Captain yelled for them to go ahead, and lantern oil started pouring down from gashes in the ceiling.

Tipa freed Fingers and the rest of the party finished off the Captain and his men. They all fled the building as the fire spread to barrels of oil on the first floor. The men who set the fire must have escaped using the ropes leading from the top floor to the street. The Captain and his men did not.

Adventures in Babysitting

We left our heroes after the warforged paladin destroyed the giant crystal he was guarding on accident. The shards flew everywhere, and in its place stood an eighteen year old girl. It was Princess Ilyana Hargrave, the daughter of King Hargrave, and heir to the throne that no longer exists. She recognized Alan, the warforged, and the heroes quickly made friends. They went to take her to Cliffport, Alan taking the golden book on the way.

On the way out, they met a purplish dragonborn arguing with Augustsus reed. When he saw Gell, he charged and jumped to hug his brother. Card had been searching for Gell for months, after the death of their father drove him away. So the eight of them went to cCliffport, and Card took Gell to the boat he had chartered to take Gell home to their mother. The rest of the adventurers escorted a disguised princess to the tavern to eat something.

They split up again after that. Alex took the princess and Alan to the temple of bahamut’s library to study up on the changes in the last 40 years. The others took some of the crystal shards to Jensen, and told him there were more in the cave to be recovered. This made him happy, and kept him ignorant of the true treasure found in the dungeon.

When the heroes had finally united, (save Gell, who’d been Put on a Boat) Kureen convinced them all to enter the battlecages to defeat a gladiator on behalf of a skinny man she met on the street. She wanted to take his life savings, but Alex and the others offered to do it for free. As they left for the battlecage, Card came running down the street after them. Card was going to travel with them from now on, because they’d need his help with his brother gone.

So the party entered the battlecages, but most of them had to fight in the introduction round. After that was taken care of, Alex went right up and challenged the Captain. They started the battle that afternoon, in the larger East Battlecage. The Captain and his gang faced the heroes from across the scattered obstacles of the battlecage.

Alex started off by charging directly into the Captain. With miraculous luck, he succeeded at hammering the gladiator and then unleashing a wave of thunder into the heart of the enemy formation. Keh’leyr cast Bigby’s icy grasp and kept it summoned the whole battle, directing it around the field looking for victims. Tipa had her hands full with an elven barbarian, who was enraged by the arrows she shot him with. Eventually Kureen finished sniping from her elevated position and helped Card destroy the enemy Mage’s summoned magma claw, then took care of the barbarian. The dwarven rogue fell to Keh’leyr’s icy grasp, then there was a flash of light along the battlecage. The Captain, who’d been felled in the first round, stood up and laughed. But before he could act again, he was put down again. Finally, all that stood was the enemy mage, dancing away from Alex. Tipa finished her with an arrow shot, but her defeat was surprising – a scream of pain! When she removed the arrow, blood rushed out from the wound.

Officials rushed into the battlecage, checking the Captain’s fallen team. They were alive, barely, but the cages’ safety ritual must have faded when the lights flickered. The crowd whispered and boo’ed the heroes, who had just beaten the battlecage’s first great champion. The cagemaster gently shoved the party out the back gate, apologising all the way. The heroes were banned from the battlecages for life, and they’d do well to find a place to hide from teh angry fans.

Puzzle Dungeon Fighter 4 Super Turbo Elite

The heroes were asked by Jensen to investigate a door unearthed by Augustus Reed on the outskirts of town. He assumes it is filled with treasure, and wanted them to acquire it “quietly,” so it wouldn’t become property of the city. When they got to the dig site, they met Augustus, who had quite a high opinion of his intellect. Despite this, he hadn’t tried a Comprehend Languages ritual to read the writing on the door. When K’Ehleyr used the ritual, she could read the old high elven script and pressed the door tiles in combination to open it.

Inside, the adventurers had to deal with a pressure plate trap that swung a giant hammer down at them, a tiled floor that shot arrows if they stepped on anything but the black tiles marked with tridents, and a long hall filled with floor tiles that raised or lowered depending on the color they stepped on. Finally, they came to another long hall with a podium holding a golden book. It was written by the King Hargrave, the last King of Attariin. It asked any thieves or plunderers to take the thirty pound gold book and leave, without going further into the dungeon. Alex and Tipa wanted to heed the message, and Kureen wanted to take the book and move on. But when the book was removed from the podium, flaming jets shot out from the walls preventing further passage. Eventually, Gell, Kureen, and K’Ehleyr left the book on the podium and went forward.

The next room they found was full of large stone statues of soldiers, and had a stone door with metal banding on the other side. After some investigation, K’Ehleyr decided that the statues would not come to life, and the three tried to open the door. It would not budge, so they called in Tipa and Alex to help. On the second try, they lifted the door, but it only reached a height of three feet and stopped. They stooped under the door and entered the last chamber.

In this chamber stood more statues, these ones life sized, and a huge crystal, ten feet tall. Cautious of the statues, Alex inspected one and determined it was purely a stone decoration. But a cursory glance at the others revealed that there was one statue wearing clothes and armor, and its weapon was obviously real.

The statue, which now revealed itself as a Warforged, stepped off its platform and simply told the adventurers to leave. They were going to leave, but Gell decided to stay. The warforged then implied that the heroes would die if they did not leave, and Gell took it as a challenge. Gell and the warforged traded blows, while the rest of the heroes scrambled out of the room. It appeared the only way to get Gell out of the room was to knock him unconscious, so Kureen shot him with a crossbow bolt. Gell, in a blind rage, fired his dragon breath at them underneath the door. eventually, they were able to knock him down and drag him out of the room, at which point the Warforged closed the door.

The party fought Gell and eventually knocked him, sustaining some pretty nasty hits from his battleaxe.They tied him up and then knocked on the stone door. The Warforged opened it and promised to converse with them peacefully as long as they did not try to enter the chamber, as he swore an oath to King Hargrave and to Bahamut that he would not let outsiders steal the treasure contained within. Upon learning that Alex also served Bahamut, the Warforged allowed them in, to explain that the crystal contained King Hargrave’s daughter. As he put his hand on the crystal, it shattered into fist-size chunks, and the Princess stood in its place, quite confused.

Now the heroes are deciding what to do with the Princess and Alan, the Warforged. They’re also unclear on how to act around Gell, whose battle rage proved to be very unpredictable and dangerous.

A Vetched Skive of Wrum and Hilliany

The heroes finally reached Cliffport after a 3 week journey along the Attariin coast. Thor Steelbeard was called away by the church of Bahamut, but his colleague, a swordmage named Alex Bladesman, decided to stay with the party.

Soon upon disembarking, the heroes found themselves the target of a mugging. The thugs had no idea what they were up against, and turned to flee when two of their members were knocked out and one cleaved to the teeth. The remaining thugs were stopped by the Cliffport city guard, who had been dispatched by the mayor to greet the adventurers. The mayor’s messenger, a youth named Frederick Fingers Dietrich, led the party around town before inviting them to the mayors’ office and disappearing on business.

Kureen, Gell, and K’Ehleyr enrolled in a Battlecage match while Tipa wandered off to see the sights and Alex visited the towns’ temple to Bahamut. When they were finished, they all went to visit the mayor, who let them in immediately. When they entered the office, though, they were met by Jensen, Kureens’ father and renowned brigand!

When threatened by Kureens’ friends, Jensen Quickly explained. The previous mayor had been a collaborator in the Dragonslayer’s invasion plot. When Jensen revealed this, the people of Cliffport quickly executed the old mayor and called for a vote for a new leader. Jensen, in his guise as “Marcus Randismir” won easily, and set himself and his gang up well. He also feeds the guards information about rival gangs, to make sure no other criminal masterminds are able to topple him.

The Tale Thus Far

The heroes started out as a ragtag group of mercenaries hired by the foppish Lord Edmund Browncott. They saved the small town Golden Hills from a renegade dwarven prince named Ezekiel Earthrage and rescued (kinda) a goblin forced to serve him named Phran.

Kureen, with her questionable morals and sticky fingers, stumbled onto a vast conspiracy to invade Attariin. Their main lead, a tall sorceress named Miralei promptly immolated herself before she could be goaded into giving anything up. Later, the heroes uncovered an attack map and a message to Miralei signed “Dragonslayer.”

The heroes then traveled through Quey, Tangora, and Lakeshire on their way to the closest thing Attariin has to a capital, the walled city of Attariil. There they met the mayor of Attariil, Sir Simon Cole and Lord Admiral Samuel Browncott, the founder of Golden Hills and the leader of the seafaring Attariil Marines. Arriving just in time to defend the town from the invaders, the heroes split up and man the walls of the city. Gill takes a small boat to go find help from his former pirate comrades, and Phran shows up the combined might of Goblintown. Together with the marines and the city guard, they deter hordes of orcs, hobgoblins, lizardmen, and bugbears and save the city.

The heroes serve with the city guard for a few weeks, getting a steady paycheck and bashing some heads, but feel wanderlust come on again. They find lord Garedus, the delusional son of the previous mayor, and attempt to arrest him for mayor Cole. He hides out in Fort Gunwether to the south, the training place of the Attariil Marines. The heroes snuck in, but to their surprise they also found Miralei, in a ghostly spirit form. She slew Garedus and summoned the wraithform spirits of dead marinesto fight the heroes, but she was still defeated. She escaped alone, turning to mist and floating away on the breeze.

Now, the heroes are venturing away from Attariil, along the coast north to Cliffport, a more modern town that was also at risk from the invading fleet. Will they find devastation, or a victorious army?


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