A Vetched Skive of Wrum and Hilliany

The heroes finally reached Cliffport after a 3 week journey along the Attariin coast. Thor Steelbeard was called away by the church of Bahamut, but his colleague, a swordmage named Alex Bladesman, decided to stay with the party.

Soon upon disembarking, the heroes found themselves the target of a mugging. The thugs had no idea what they were up against, and turned to flee when two of their members were knocked out and one cleaved to the teeth. The remaining thugs were stopped by the Cliffport city guard, who had been dispatched by the mayor to greet the adventurers. The mayor’s messenger, a youth named Frederick Fingers Dietrich, led the party around town before inviting them to the mayors’ office and disappearing on business.

Kureen, Gell, and K’Ehleyr enrolled in a Battlecage match while Tipa wandered off to see the sights and Alex visited the towns’ temple to Bahamut. When they were finished, they all went to visit the mayor, who let them in immediately. When they entered the office, though, they were met by Jensen, Kureens’ father and renowned brigand!

When threatened by Kureens’ friends, Jensen Quickly explained. The previous mayor had been a collaborator in the Dragonslayer’s invasion plot. When Jensen revealed this, the people of Cliffport quickly executed the old mayor and called for a vote for a new leader. Jensen, in his guise as “Marcus Randismir” won easily, and set himself and his gang up well. He also feeds the guards information about rival gangs, to make sure no other criminal masterminds are able to topple him.



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