Didn't start the fire

After the fiasco at the battlecages, the adventurers barged in on Jensen and demanded answers. He had none, and was genuinely worried for Kureen’s safety. He urged the heroes to hole up at their tavern and wait for more information. Card decided he’d had enough adventure, and caught the next boat home.

The next day, Fingers showed up to give the group food and little news. No one knew why the battlecages malfunctioned. He set off again, promising to return the next morning. The next morning came and went. Night fell, and Jensen arrived at the tavern to ask about Fingers. No one had seen him since he met with the group. Jensen asked the group to come and meet him at the mansion in the morning.

When the heroes got to the mayor’s mansion, they witnessed an argument between Jensen and Tristran. Jensen wouldn’t give him some information, and so he stomped out. Jensen then told the party that they knew that Fingers had been kidnapped, and where he was being held. He made them promise not to tell Tristran though. Jensen wasn’t sure what he would do with the information.

The adventurers arrived at the warehouse where Fingers was being held. There were some guards out front, but they were taken out before they could even shout. Kureen looked in a window and saw the dwarf from the Captain’s gang, crossbow in hand. Tipa and Alex then barred the front door and the group went around to the back.

Alex knocked and then kicked in the door, taking out the Captain’s lackey Transporter-style. The mage from the gang was standing near the door, and the party started beating on her pretty bad. As Tipa moved in further, she saw Fingers tied to a chair in the middle of the room. Alex distracted the Captain, while K’ehleyr and Kureen beat on the mage and barbarian. At this point, two of the Captain’s mooks snuck upstairs. The Captain yelled for them to go ahead, and lantern oil started pouring down from gashes in the ceiling.

Tipa freed Fingers and the rest of the party finished off the Captain and his men. They all fled the building as the fire spread to barrels of oil on the first floor. The men who set the fire must have escaped using the ropes leading from the top floor to the street. The Captain and his men did not.



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