Puzzle Dungeon Fighter 4 Super Turbo Elite

The heroes were asked by Jensen to investigate a door unearthed by Augustus Reed on the outskirts of town. He assumes it is filled with treasure, and wanted them to acquire it “quietly,” so it wouldn’t become property of the city. When they got to the dig site, they met Augustus, who had quite a high opinion of his intellect. Despite this, he hadn’t tried a Comprehend Languages ritual to read the writing on the door. When K’Ehleyr used the ritual, she could read the old high elven script and pressed the door tiles in combination to open it.

Inside, the adventurers had to deal with a pressure plate trap that swung a giant hammer down at them, a tiled floor that shot arrows if they stepped on anything but the black tiles marked with tridents, and a long hall filled with floor tiles that raised or lowered depending on the color they stepped on. Finally, they came to another long hall with a podium holding a golden book. It was written by the King Hargrave, the last King of Attariin. It asked any thieves or plunderers to take the thirty pound gold book and leave, without going further into the dungeon. Alex and Tipa wanted to heed the message, and Kureen wanted to take the book and move on. But when the book was removed from the podium, flaming jets shot out from the walls preventing further passage. Eventually, Gell, Kureen, and K’Ehleyr left the book on the podium and went forward.

The next room they found was full of large stone statues of soldiers, and had a stone door with metal banding on the other side. After some investigation, K’Ehleyr decided that the statues would not come to life, and the three tried to open the door. It would not budge, so they called in Tipa and Alex to help. On the second try, they lifted the door, but it only reached a height of three feet and stopped. They stooped under the door and entered the last chamber.

In this chamber stood more statues, these ones life sized, and a huge crystal, ten feet tall. Cautious of the statues, Alex inspected one and determined it was purely a stone decoration. But a cursory glance at the others revealed that there was one statue wearing clothes and armor, and its weapon was obviously real.

The statue, which now revealed itself as a Warforged, stepped off its platform and simply told the adventurers to leave. They were going to leave, but Gell decided to stay. The warforged then implied that the heroes would die if they did not leave, and Gell took it as a challenge. Gell and the warforged traded blows, while the rest of the heroes scrambled out of the room. It appeared the only way to get Gell out of the room was to knock him unconscious, so Kureen shot him with a crossbow bolt. Gell, in a blind rage, fired his dragon breath at them underneath the door. eventually, they were able to knock him down and drag him out of the room, at which point the Warforged closed the door.

The party fought Gell and eventually knocked him, sustaining some pretty nasty hits from his battleaxe.They tied him up and then knocked on the stone door. The Warforged opened it and promised to converse with them peacefully as long as they did not try to enter the chamber, as he swore an oath to King Hargrave and to Bahamut that he would not let outsiders steal the treasure contained within. Upon learning that Alex also served Bahamut, the Warforged allowed them in, to explain that the crystal contained King Hargrave’s daughter. As he put his hand on the crystal, it shattered into fist-size chunks, and the Princess stood in its place, quite confused.

Now the heroes are deciding what to do with the Princess and Alan, the Warforged. They’re also unclear on how to act around Gell, whose battle rage proved to be very unpredictable and dangerous.



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