The Tale Thus Far

The heroes started out as a ragtag group of mercenaries hired by the foppish Lord Edmund Browncott. They saved the small town Golden Hills from a renegade dwarven prince named Ezekiel Earthrage and rescued (kinda) a goblin forced to serve him named Phran.

Kureen, with her questionable morals and sticky fingers, stumbled onto a vast conspiracy to invade Attariin. Their main lead, a tall sorceress named Miralei promptly immolated herself before she could be goaded into giving anything up. Later, the heroes uncovered an attack map and a message to Miralei signed “Dragonslayer.”

The heroes then traveled through Quey, Tangora, and Lakeshire on their way to the closest thing Attariin has to a capital, the walled city of Attariil. There they met the mayor of Attariil, Sir Simon Cole and Lord Admiral Samuel Browncott, the founder of Golden Hills and the leader of the seafaring Attariil Marines. Arriving just in time to defend the town from the invaders, the heroes split up and man the walls of the city. Gill takes a small boat to go find help from his former pirate comrades, and Phran shows up the combined might of Goblintown. Together with the marines and the city guard, they deter hordes of orcs, hobgoblins, lizardmen, and bugbears and save the city.

The heroes serve with the city guard for a few weeks, getting a steady paycheck and bashing some heads, but feel wanderlust come on again. They find lord Garedus, the delusional son of the previous mayor, and attempt to arrest him for mayor Cole. He hides out in Fort Gunwether to the south, the training place of the Attariil Marines. The heroes snuck in, but to their surprise they also found Miralei, in a ghostly spirit form. She slew Garedus and summoned the wraithform spirits of dead marinesto fight the heroes, but she was still defeated. She escaped alone, turning to mist and floating away on the breeze.

Now, the heroes are venturing away from Attariil, along the coast north to Cliffport, a more modern town that was also at risk from the invading fleet. Will they find devastation, or a victorious army?



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