Alex Bladesman

A Human raised by an Eladrin and taught the ways of the Swordmage.

Name Level Race Class Alignment Deity
Alex Bladesman 5 Human Swordmage Good Bahamut
Attack and Damage
Vanguard Bastard Sword +1 +10 vs. AC
Acrobatics 2
Arcana 11 (T)
Athletics 7 (T)
Bluff 3
Diplomacy 8 (T)
Dungeoneering 2
Endurance 10 (T)
Heal 2
History 11 (T)
Insight 7 (T)
Intimidate 3
Nature 2
Perception 2
Religion 6
Stealth 2
Streetwise 3
Thievery 2
AC:22 Initiative:6 Speed:6 +2 Charge/Run
Str:10 (0/2) Dex:10 (0/2) Wis:10 (0/2)
Con:17 (3/5) Int:19 (4/6) Cha:12 (1/3)
Fort:18 Ref:19 Will:18
HP:56 Surge Value:14 Surges:12
Languages: Common; Elven
Race Features Class Features Feats
Bonus Feat Swordbond Fast Runner
Bonus Skill Swordmage Aegis Intelligent Blademaster
Bonus At-Will Power Swordmage Warding Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)
Human Defense Bonus Improved Initiative
At-Will Encounter Daily Utility
Sword Burst Lightning Clash Dimensional Thunder Eldritch Speed
Aegis of Assault Lightning Clash Frost Backlash
Booming Blade
Lightning Lure
Weapons Armor Items
Vanguard Bastard Sword+1 Bestial Leather armor +1 Adventurer’s Kit
Amulet of Protection +2 Spell Book
680 gp, 0 sp, 0 cp

Paul Forester was born in a small town named Porchester on the island of Dheerit. He was the son of David Forester and Victoria Forester, who lived their lives as bakers on the outskirts of town. Little did the town know that only a mile to the east, lay an Eladrin forest city, concealed within the trees and kept secret from all. The secret was found out by a group of Orcs who begun harassing the Eladrin. The Eladrin fought back and killed one of the Orcs. This incident started a small war. It begun with simple archery and swords, then the Eladrin begun using magic so the Orcs brought in animals. During the final conflict, an Orc beastmaster was killed and his dire bear ran loose. It freed other animals in its rage and begun charging away from battle. The Eladrin finished the rest of the Orcs and followed the rampaging Bears. The path of destruction led to a town, Porchester, which was now a large pile of debris. They searched for survivors but the only person they found was a baby, Paul.

One of the warriors, Althena, claimed that if the Eladrin had finished the Orcs quicker then the village would not have had to suffer. Out of guilt, and sympathy, she adopted the young boy and named him Alex, the only human name she liked. After several years Alex grew to be a young boy and begun to have dreams of what he wanted to be. One dream of his, one that would stay with him forever, was to be a great swordsman and take revenge for the destruction of his hometown. Fate was ironic however, the destruction of his home town also crippled the boy, making him barely able to stand, much less wield a sword.

Years of training allowed Alex to walk again, and gave him the ability to hold a sword, but his arms still lacked the strength to wield it. He could barely swing it and when it hit something, it hurt the boy more then it did the target. One night Althena decided to take the boy somewhere secret, somewhere that not even all Eladrin knew of. This was a camp, of sorts, which trained the mind. Here Alex learned to wield blades without using brute strength. He studied battle strategies, learned of all sorts of monsters, and trained with the masters of the Swordmage techniques. He entered the camp at the age of fifteen, only being able to hold a sword, and left at the age of 21, being one of the best students they had seen.


Upon leaving the camp and starting his life, Alex decided to give himself the last name Bladesman, which he found quite fitting. He wandered the lands doing any good he could, for not much more then food and a nights rest. He camped in the woods of Dheerit and made armor of the creatures he hunted and ate.

After a year on his own, Alex was caught in a storm while venturing high into the mountains. Here he found a shrine devoted to Bahamut and asked for shelter. He spent several nights there, and made the most of it by learning what he could of Bahamut from an odd dwarf by the name of ‘Thor Steelbeard’. Alex believed that the teachings told of a very fine way of living and asked to be initiated as a cleric of Bahamut. After several years training he was given the title ’Bahamut’s Swordmage of the Dheeritian followers.’ He now carries a necklace with the carving of a silver dragon to identify he is a Bahamut follower.


Alex’s sword, Vargus, begin it’s life as a simple Longsword that Alex bought on his first journey. Before that he trained with rusty old swords the camp used. Vargus earned it’s name upon Alex’s first big victory against a large rat king attacking a village of benevolent peace-loving gnomes. Armed with only that longsword and some simple clothes, Alex took out the whole rat den. When he came face to face with the rat king, the sword would not draw from the sheath. The rat king laughed and mocked him, then charged at Alex. At the last second the sword let go of the sheath and Alex caught the rat king off guard. The rat king charged right into the sword, becoming no more then a shishkabob. In thanks to the sword for its cleverness, Alex named it after his master from the Eladrin camp.

Upon his travels Alex met a famed Blacksmith, Toby the Anvil. Toby spotted Alex’s chipped and damaged sword and offered him a new one. Alex’s refusal shocked Toby. After hearing Alex’s story, Toby offered to enhance the longsword, use it’s metal to make a better sword. Alex liked the idea and believed that Vargus would also think it appealing. In this fashion, Alex and Vargus have never parted.

Alex Bladesman

Alex is a very polite person, being raised by very proper Eladrin he was taught that disrespect was the lowest thing one could do. He is very chivalrous and will put his life on the line for a complete stranger. In addition he tries to obey any laws and destroys those who would use power for their own. He does not use any sort of slang and finds it very unbecoming, however does not pass judgment on others for the use of it. Alex has spent little time in the world, but he understands it very well. There is evil and there is good, and there is no fine line between the two. The world is set in shades of gray and some things are just the way they are – however he does not have a problem trying to change that way.

Alex often appears to other as a simple man, if not weak. The armor made of animals and the large sword strapped to his side throws off the initial thoughts and replaces them with confusion. Alex often gets asked how he wields such a large sword with such small muscles. His answer is it’s not the size that matters, its how you use it. Most think this a joke but it is the truth. If Alex were to wield the sword like other fighters, he would barely last a round. However using the blade’s weight and gravity as momentum, along with geometry to calculate the trajectory of the blade, he can place a strike that deals more damage than a simple strike. He also has trained his legs far more then his arms and can now run while holding the sword, allowing him to increase the momentum.

The white’s of Alex’s eyes have turned complete blue. None truly know how this happened, his eyes slowly changed over time. Some believe it was him absorbing the Eladrin’s excess magic, and some believe it’s his training at the camp. Whatever caused it, it has not seemed to effect his eyesight or magical prowess.

Several quests will spark Alex’s interest, particularly those revolving around Orcs or violent raids on a town. These have a deep meaning for him and he cannot simply ignore them without a good reason.

Alex Bladesman

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