Astounding Reed Brothers

Aric Reed was a famous halfling, and had three sons before his passing. They became known as “The Astounding Reed Brothers” to those who knew them.

Arturias Reed, the oldest, became a famous hero and explorer. He still wanders the islands, searching for the unexplained and amazing.

Augustus Reed followed his fathers’ path and stayed in Cliffport to maintain and protect the city. He declined the offer to rule, however, and instituted a democratic voting process instead. He works with the Arcanists Guild and build many wonders for the city now.

Aurelias Reed, the younger brother, did not quite live up to his brothers’ standards. He makes his money peddling arms and armor to traveling adventurers, and trading supplies between towns on his route. It is not the heroic life of his oldest brother, nor the dependable life of his middle brother, but Augustus has carved a life of his own out of Attariil, which is what he thinks his father would have wanted.

Astounding Reed Brothers

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