A mayor of Cliffport, faced with overcrowding prisons and gangs of overconfident thugs, turned to a long-forgotten Kyryinthian method of justice: the Ring of Death. On ancient Kyrynthia, prisoners were forced to kill each other in order to survive. It was a deplorable practice, and many disagreed with its’ resurrection on Attariin soil. Their voices, however, were drowned out by the cheers of the inevitable crowds surrounding these death matches.

As the idea took root, that mayor built four Battlecages along the edge of town. Teams of prisoners were dragged there everyday to murder each other in exchange for the chance to do it again the next day. Each Battlecage was given unique properties by design and enchantment. After a surprise attempt on his life, the mayor enhanced each Battlecage with a reflective spell on the bars, that would prevent anyone outside the cage from being affected by the match.

This mayor had been popular during his election, but spiraled into madness during his reign. Cliffport citizens had no legal recourse to remove him, but his acts of depravity incited massive riots. One prisoner, a young gladiator known as The Captain escaped from the battlecages and murdered the mayor in his estate. The citizens rewrote the law that day, to allow removal of corrupt officials by popular vote.

The battlecages still operate today, but with willing participants. Teams of gladiators now train for years in anticipation before entering sanctioned battles. The fights are no longer to the death, either. Thanks to technology invented by Augustus Reed and the Arcanists Guild in Tangora, there is a magical aura in each battlecage that prevents the loss of blood or life in combatants. Fighters feel some damage, but when they fall, exhausted, they awake in a few hours with only a headache.


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