Cliffport was built only thirty years ago, after the Kingsplague. An adventurous and resourceful halfling named Aric Reed dreamt of a giant port city built along the high cliffs on the eastern coast of Attariin. A city like this had long been considered folly, since ships would have nowhere to dock. Reed fixed that problem when he built the Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters are giant wood-and-iron cranes that haul cargo from ships moored at a floating dock at the base of the cliffs. Depending on the time of year, cargo is hauled up two hundred to five hundred feet of cliff. Sailors are less fortunate – they have to use the stairs.

Reed’s aptitude for creating mechanical objects as well as his arcane knowledge made these giant pulleys operable without resorting to labor. Once a month, a trained arcanist simply performs a ritual which ‘recharges’ the gears inside the cranes. Then, anyone can activate the cranes with activation runes carved into the base pillars. Aric Reed himself performed this ritual more than a hundred times before he grew old and passed away. His middle son Augustus Reed took over caring for the cranes when he died.

The city is considered the third largest in Attariin, under Attariil and Tangora. Many merchants and sailors stop here on their way north from Attariil to Tinestar. The city is home to many different cultures and peoples. It has the largest population of foreigners of all cities in Attariin.

Not having a Lord or Lady appointed by the King Hargrave, Cliffport relies on a popular vote to determine the next mayor. Augustus Reed implemented this in honor of his father, and because he did not want to be mayor.

Being a haven for those that live on the waves, Cliffport also has the highest crime rate of all Attariin. There are more criminals than jail cells, and the city officials in the years after Aric Reed created the Battlecages to deal with captive criminals and send a violent message to future lawbreakers. Over time, the Battlecages have evolved from to-the-death cage fights between condemned prisoners into a sanctioned, bloodless team sport. Violent types still flock to Cliffport, but it is to participate in sport, not thievery.

Notable Locations in Cliffport:
-Temple Row
-the Three Sisters
-The Drunken Sailor (Inn)


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