Tipa rescued Phran in the mine north of Golden Hill. He and several other goblins were recruited by Ezekiel Earthrage to replace miners Earthrage had killed. The goblins attacked the party, but Kurreen knocked out Phran in one hit. later, when Gill used an unconscious Phran as a quicksand-trap-detector, Tipa risked her own safety to pull him out.

Phran followed the heroes after that, doing what he could to help out in battle. After the heroes left the mausoleum in Goblin Forest, they were ambushed by a small army of goblins and kobolds, led by an oversized goblin called Chief Bug.

Rather than watch his friends and his people fight to the death, Phran convinced Chief Bug to form a town and trade with nearby settlements. It was a tough sell, but Bug went for it and Goblintown was born. The adventurers spread word of Phran and the town wherever they went after that.

Phran trained his fighting skills with the other goblins and with guardsmen in the towns he visited as Goblintown’s ambassador. He became competent with a blade and learned much about directing a battle. When he heard that his friends were traveling to Attariil and to help prepare against an invasion, he led a charge of goblins south to help them. After a rocky initial meeting, the town’s mayor Simon Cole and the marine commander Samuel Browncott both welcomed him. For his goblins’ assistance in the battle, Cole announced that Attariil is an official ally of Goblintown.


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