Samuel Browncott

Lord Admiral Samuel Browncott was not born into lordship. He was rewarded for saving the King’s flagship from a devious pirate scheme. King Hargrave gave Samuel the title “Lord” and lordship over any realm in Attariin. Samuel chose to take charge of the Attariil Marines instead. He brought new blood and new techniques into their ranks. Slowly, the marines reclaimed their former glory, and Samuel was once again offered his own city. He declined again, and served actively in the marines until long after the Kingsplague.

Twenty years after King Hargrave died, Samuel decided to take his late king’s offer. He retired and used his savings to purchase all the materials he’d need to build himself a farmstead on the roving plains of central Attariil. He brought his wife Marie and son Edmund along with him. He labored hard to build his farmstead, and was joined by other retired marines who made the journey to help their Admiral settle down. The farm turned into a settlement, then into the town of Golden Hills, nestled at the base of the Stonehammer Peaks

Recently, he was called back to active service by Simon Cole, the current mayor of Attariil. Cole’s rival Garedus was stirring up trouble among the populace, turning the people against each other. Leaving his position as mayor of Golden Hills to his son Edmund, Samuel took he first wagon to Attariil to help its’ young ruler.

When he arrived, though, he found chaos – marines betraying their brothers for money, citizens beaten in riots, overwhelmed city guard. he spent the next year helping Cole get the city under control.

Samuel Browncott

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